The E'Ludaire Nursery is Hiring

[Early Access-Game Mechanics in place, patches to follow. Enjoy]

The E'Ludaire Family is need of a new Nanny/Manny for the 8 Children. The last 4 didn't fair so well.  Baby Bas, Christmas, Daisy, Gemma, Hassan, Jin, Ntwala and Zara. 

They are a lovely bunch with their own needs and quirks, truly enjoyable. But watch out for the tantrums(which can be resolved through Cupcake offerings of peace). Be careful not to allow the tantrum to leave the daycare with the baby, this will cost you those important Silver Rattles.

Keep the Babies busy and happy to keep them coming.

Keep the Nursery clean and healthy to deter fines from the Health Inspector and revoking of your license to run a Nursery. 

  • Schedule each Baby's session, these can be rescheduled according to availability
  • Prep the Nursery when it closes
  • Earn silver rattles when a Babies needs are met
  • The silver rattles will help keep the Nursery well stocked(diapers, food, good toys)

Cater to the Babies when they arrive. Fulfill their desires and enjoy the fruits of your work in the form of silver rattles which are important in keeping your nursery running well.

Additional content and expansion pack scheduled for release in November.


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